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Karen K. of Brookfield WI Reviews Russ Darrow

by Karen Kusic (Brookfield, WI) on December 10, 2013
Russ Darrow Location: Wauwatosa Kia
Department: Service

Ryan Nicklaus is a genius.  (I apologize if I don't have the exact spelling of the last name...)  He has restored my confidence in returning to Russ Darrow in the future after a disappointing experience at a different Russ Darrow dealership several years ago.  (charged twice for transmission fluid replacement within 6 months resulting in a complaint filed with the BBB...)  If I can find the time to file a complaint, I sure can find the time to write congrats/kudos for exceptional service.  Exceptional service is what I received from Ryan!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ryan!  I stopped by the service department on a Thursday night to schedule an appointment for the following week for a recurring problem I was experiencing with power door locks unexpectedly and intermittently triggering to a locked state when the driver's door handle was pulled from the exterior and/or interior of the vehicle.  The car was a death trap!  I even filed a complaint with and actually did receive a response by phone just after Ryan found the solution I preferred to the problem.  

I was never happy with the driver's door lock controlling all of the other door locks to be either all open or all closed.  The kachunk kachunk of the lock mechanism was unnerving and even more so when triggered by the door handle instead of the door lock.

Had a related door lock problem fixed by the Wauwatosa location a couple years ago but the warranty had expired.  Wasn't about to spend another $300 on malfunctioning power locks.

Ryan had pondered about my problem over the weekend and when I arrived for my appointment on Monday, he had the perfect solution!  I had stated that I wouldn't mind if the locks were all changed to manual operation, versus power, and we initially thought that the driver's side door panel would have to be dismantled to deactivate the power option.  

Instead, Ryan thought that he might be able to simply remove the fuse that activated power to the door locks.  He was right!  He found fuse #28 in my 2002  Kia Rio Cinco, removed it, and the power to the locks was deactivated.  

I am SO HAPPY!  A 5-minute repair that could have been another $300 nightmare.  I think that Kia corporate was about to cover the 2nd repair to the power locks but I really prefer the security and reliability of manual locks.  Yes, I prefer my manual crank windows, too.  Power has its place but fewer potential problems are worth more to me.  

I was in tears of frustration when I arrived at the dealership to schedule my appointment but I left the next week, thoroughly satisfied and amazed.  

I am between jobs and just couldn't really afford another expense, right now.  Am due for my 60k service soon, and now will feel much better about going back to Russ Darrow, Wauwatosa, only if Ryan is still there!  Also need to recognize the great customer service of Eric Czuta who scheduled my appointment and did a great job sympathizing with me when I first came in to describe my service scenario, listening along with Ryan.  

This service problem resolution is such a weight off of my shoulders.  

In addition, a secondary problem with my main steering column master cylinder was resolved.  That key "lock" had actually frozen when the temps dipped below freezing and I bent my key, trying to "unlock" the wheel.  That situation was my fault since I had forgotten to change my car's air flow to fresh intake versus recirculating after being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic a couple months ago.  The humidity continued to build up in my car and was enough to freeze the interior ignition slot in winter!  Unreal.  Had my key straightened out by a neighbor who rescued me and deiced my ignition.  Was able to order new keys at a very fair price from the Russ Darrow Wauwatosa dealership which also was a huge relief -- and resolved the sticking of the old key which has now been destroyed and discarded.

I think I may have a happy holiday season and wish the same to the wonderful service people at Russ Darrow Kia Wauwatosa who gave me the invaluable gift of safety!

Kevin K. of Brookfield WI Reviews Russ Darrow

by Kevin Koehn (Brookfield, WI) on May 14, 2013
Russ Darrow Location: Metro Nissan
Department: Service

Good experience.  Friendly.  Clear helpful recomendations and expectations.

Daniel R. of Brookfield WI Reviews Russ Darrow

by Daniel J Raddemann (Brookfield, WI) on March 26, 2013
Russ Darrow Location: Metro Nissan
Department: Service

Joe was very polite and knowledgable.

Facility was extremely clean and bright.

Very satisfied with my first visit and will continue to use Russ Darrow for all my service needs.

Comfortable clean waiting room

Thomas A. of Brookfield WI Reviews Russ Darrow

by Thomas F Ausloos (Brookfield, WI) on February 5, 2013
Russ Darrow Location: Metro Nissan
Department: Service

Very nice surroundings and everyone has been very attentive. Thanks!  Tom

Deb M. of Brookfield WI Reviews Russ Darrow

by Deb A Marshall (Brookfield, WI) on February 1, 2013
Russ Darrow Location: Metro Nissan
Department: Service

Would prefer a checklist survey form:

1. Cleanliness- check

2. Completeness of service questions asked- check

3.Realiableness of servicecs performed- check

4. Trust of service- check

5. Cost of service- Moderate (but we get what we pay for)

6. Time of service- check

7. friendleness- check

8. Secondary services- check check (extra points)

9. Would I return?- check

10. Would I refer a friend?- check

Phew! Done!

GEORGE V. of Brookfield WI Reviews Russ Darrow

by GEORGE VOPAL (Brookfield, WI) on May 18, 2012
Russ Darrow Location: West Bend Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
Department: Service


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